WG - Burnt Orange Floral Face Mask

WG - Burnt Orange Floral Face Mask



Instructions for use:

  • Please wash the mask before use.
  • You can hand was or machine wash (up to 40 degrees celcus)
  • Hang dry. Do not tumble dry.
  • It can be ironed at a normal temperature for cotton.
  • Do not iron elastic loops as they will get damaged.
  • It is reccomended to wash daily.
  • Do not wash the mask with any filters you choose to insert. 


Instructions for tightening the mask:

1. Pull round the elastic which will exspose the knot.

2. Place the mask on your face with the elastic around your ears.

3. Usinging your fingers, pinch the elastic to the position you are comfortable with.

4. Keep your fingers on that position.

5. Gently remove the mask off your face.

6. Make a mark with a pencil or chalk where your fingers are pinching.

7. Make a new knot in its place.

8. Cut off the excess elastic.



Outer Layer - 100% Cotton

Inner Layer - 100% Cottong


The mask also features a inner pocket where you can insert filters such as PM2.5, Lint, cotton wool, napkin, toilet or kitchen paper for better protection.


Please note, our masks are NOT medical masks, they are not FDA approved. The mask can be reused multipe times. It requires daily high-temperature washing to prevent the spread of the virus and bacteria. 




This fabric mask does not protect 100% against the virus, hoever, they limit the involuntary touching of the mouth with hands that can be infected.


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